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Not many regions on the planet can compare to this paradise full of mysteries, The majority of Amazon River Tours will offer you, the ecotourist, comfort without the loss of the feeling of adventure everyone craves when travelling to the Amazon River. Massive, unamed rivers flow into undiscovered lakes, untouched and unseen for over thousands of years and encompassed by almost impenetrable lush green jungle. Boasting the most bio-diverse region on planet Earth, the Amazon Rainforest has the ability to transport you the eco-traveller back in time as it presents to you how much of the jungle was before Man's introduction to the region. Most of the Amazon River's flora and fauna can be observed during the course of your river tour. Generally speaking the deeper you travel in to the Amazon River system, the greater variety of wildlife you will observe, as with any eco-trip much of what you observe will have a great deal to do with the skill and luck of your Amazon River guides.


Just picture yourself on an Amazon River cruise exploring the upper reaches of the mighty untamed Amazon River, the world's greatest ecosystem, or in the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, the largest Eco-Reserve in Peru, while on a colorful Amazon riverboat.   Many Amazon tours enable you to be a participant in a dugout canoe drifting down one of the Amazon River's many unamed undiscovered streams, while others offer you the opportunity to be experiencing life in the upper reaches of the Amazon rainforest canopy. For something even more original book an Amazon natural history tour that will expose you alterantive cultures, spectacular wildlife and the astounding panoramas and vistas that only the Amazon River can offer you. Frogs, butterflies, monkeys and snakes are just a few of the incredible animals you may encounter on your Amazon River tour.


Because of the variety of Amazon River tours available, eco-tourists of all ages are able to customize an Amazon option that is perfect for what they are seeking. Experience up close the Amazon wildlife, the unforgettable lush smell of the Amazon rainforest, the untold beauty of the Amazon River, uncountable flowers and massive towering trees. As your Amazon River tour progresses you will find yourself marvelling at the untouched wilderness, overflowing with wildlife. It is not uncommon to meet indigenous people occupying villages that have remained the same since their inception.  The almost limitless number of lakes, rivers, and streams, the large stands of unique untouched forest, and the rich wildlife make the Amazon River Basin an unbelievably attractive destination for a variety of activities such as; sport fishing, bird watching, eco-tours, scientific expeditions, and adventure travelers. Turn a negative into a positive. Often times in the wet season eco- travelers can often book last minute tour to save even more money. Generally speaking a 3-4 month notice is highly recommended to give you time to arrange for your vaccinations, international flights, etc.


There are many ways to enjoy your Amazon River Tour. While away your days hiking through the Amazon rainforest, exploring by small boat or canoe, viewing Amazon wildlife, fishing for piranha, all while encompassed by the unique sights and sounds of the Amazon that most people have only dreamed about. Ecotourists that employ knowledge and research with a little luck are able to observe some of the fauna that makes the Amazon river their home, such as lizards,exotic birds, boar, etc.
Ecotourist may have the opportunity to observe two different types of freshwater dolphin in the Amazon, which are the tucuxi (gray river dolphin) and the boto (pink river dolphin).


There are a multitude of Amazon River tours available. By employing a little research you will be able to customize a tour that will leave you with an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. If you are only interested in certain aspects of the Amazon River, many tour operators will create a tour focusing on photo tours, reptiles, birding tours, and insects and invertebrates.

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