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Black Sheep Inn Ecuador

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The Black Sheep Inn is a relatively cheap eco-friendly destination located high up in the Andes Mountains. This eco-destination is situated on a beautiful hillside in Chugchilan Ecuador. The Black Sheep Inn is a perfect jumping off point to discover ancient cultures as well as diverse flora and fauna in the local ecosystem. Offering eco-tourists economical lodging The Black Sheep Inn is able to provide you with the perfect place to organize a jungle day trip. Many other eco-opportunities await in the form of horseback riding, mountain biking, or just getting out and experiencing local culture and customs with a visit to a local market. By utilizing produce grown onsite the Black Sheep Inn is able to offer its guests an organic choice when it comes to meals. Whether you are into backpacking, mountain biking, horseback riding or simply in the mood to do nothing but enjoy the spectacular scenery which abounds around The Black Sheep Inn you will not go away disappointed. 

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