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If you are a traveler that enjoys cruising and you have an interest in eco-tourism by doing some homework you will be able to find cruise lines with eco-itineraries that focus on the environment while still offering an unforgettable vacationing experience. 

Ecotourism and Cruise Lines                                                                                                            

One such travel company that does this very well is a company situated in California. AdventureSmith Explorations has the unique ability to partner with an eco-friendly company, Sustainable Travel International (STI) to give the eco-traveler the opportunity to offset their carbon output when traveling to and from their eco-destination. . A percentage of each fare sold is used by Sustainable Travel International to subsidize eco-friendly projects around the world. One such project initiated by STI is developing wind technology in Madagascar to reduce energy use in this country. Research in biomass energy technologies is being done in India to reduce energy consumption. Another company Lindblad Expeditions goes that extra mile in terms of creating sustainable tourism through its eco-program Seafood For Thought. This program partners with certain cruise lines to provide seafood that is farmed from sustainable ecosystems. Lindblad Expeditions also partners with the National Geographic Society in creating an atmosphere of environmental awareness. From creating conservation initiatives at the grass roots level to donating space onboard ships for environmental groups Linblad is dedicated to educating travelers in the area of sustainable tourism.


One of the easiest things you can do when planning an eco-cruise is to research ships that are smaller in size. Simply put a smaller ship uses less fuel. Less fuel in turn reduces emissions thus reducing the impact your vacation will have on the environment. A little research will also allow you to find cruise lines with reduced services such as laundry. This too will lessen your impact on the environment.

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