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A Guide To Ecotourism Hotspots

Today’s eco-traveller has the opportunity to choose from a variety of destinations . Many regions around the world are seeing an increase in popularity as choices for ecotourism. The locations listed below highlight some of the most popular destinations when it comes to where people are visiting for the ever growing sector of tourism known as Ecotourism.

Kenya and Swaziland top the list on the African continent when it comes to popularity in terms of ecotourism hotspots. Offering a diverse eco-system of deserts and forest, this unique environment is truly blessed with an abundance of plants and animals. Traditional cultures abound and in particular the Kenyan Maasai tribe are one of the main reasons Kenyan has become such a hotspot of ecotourism. Because of this popularity, the tourism industry in this area of Africa is under extreme pressure and must find a way to ensure that dramatic increases in ecotourism growth is managed effectively.

Caribbean and Central America:
 Rainforest and beach eco-tours have seen an explosion in popularity over the last few years. Not many countries can compete with Costa Rica, Belize, and the Dominican Republic when it comes to popularity in this sector of the Ecotourism world. These small tropical nations enjoy the support of government investment and coupled with their unparallel beauty in terms of beaches, mountains, volcanoes and of course untouched rainforests, this area of the world cannot be beat in terms of an ecotourism hotspot.

Most people do not think of Europe as an ecotourism hotspot. Old World history and the visiting of museums typically dominate a trip to Europe. It might come as a bit of a shock but many countries within Europe are beginning to see the value in the increased popularity of Ecotourism and now offer a variety of hiking and cycling eco-tours.

North America:
National Parks of enormous size abound in this area of the world. Jasper National Park in Alberta Canada encompasses an area the size of the Netherlands, and because of their diverse eco-systems, plants and animals these hotspots are under increasing pressure from ecotourism. By doing a little research before heading out you will be able to find areas that may not be as popular as some of the larger parks, they are however no less rewarding in terms of what you can discover.

South America:
Eco-tourists rate this region high on their lists for ecotourism hotspots. The Amazon region dominates this eco-tour market with it’s unending variety of flora and fauna.  The indigenous peoples and their traditional cultures make Ecuador a must see on many eco-tourists itineraries. Brazil and Peru round out this list of eco- hotspots in South America particularly the Andes region of Peru.

Southeast Asia:
 Indonesia and Thailand are number one and number two in this region of the world in terms of eco-hotspots. Their combination of pristine rainforest snow-capped mountains and untouched beaches combine to create an ecotourism’s dream vacation. Laos, Cambodia and Nepal round out other destinations travellers choose when visiting this ecotourism hotspot.  visiting countries such as Cambodia, Laos, and Nepal , although garbage on the  more popular routes toward Mount Everest has seen a dramatic rise in recent years and is a problem Nepal will need to confront in the coming ecotourism seasons.

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