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Ecotourism Press Releases

Hawkstone, Ontario…………….June, 2008.
The first edition of Ecotourism Magazine Canada is a detailed report on some of Canada’s best practices in today’s expanding eco tourism market place. The compelling articles in the first edition include a look at captivating photographs of what could be the first collective presentations of Canada's ecotourism heroes. The magazine is a dream of Vern Telford, Tourism Management Professor Emeritus at Georgian College in Barrie. Telford has been an ecotourism aficionado before “ecotourism” was coined as a growth market for many international destinations.

In the first edition, Vancouver's mayor, Sammy Sullivan is saluted for his inspiring leadership in developing the TrailRider, a one-wheeled wheelchair that greatly facilitates paraplegics and quadriplegics and other physically challenged populations access to wilderness, nature and adventure tourism experiences. Similarly, Geoff Green the CEO of Students On Ice Expeditions is recognized for his blending of cultural, scientific and polar explorations into a powerful learning adventure that attracts an international following of students from around the world to his Gatineau based operation.
Canada's First Nations involvement in ecotourism sets us apart from other world competitors though the work of people like Don Morin who has turned a native encampment outside of Yellowknife into a nature/cultural attraction with a
world wide following. His product is a study of the aurora borealis in the arctic sky mixed with an opportunity to share in the history and customs of the local aboriginal people.

'photo copyright Wendy Broekx - all rights reserved'

'photo copyright Wendy Broekx - all rights reserved'

Considering this destination's appeal to a world wide market, Yellowknife becomes an epicenter for ecotourism activity and appreciation. Just south of the point where the tidal waters of the Moose River flows into James Bay lays the island of Moose Factory: an island that is home to First Nations people whose history and cultural heritage is imbedded in the award winning Cree Village Ecolodge. This lodge has become an icon of integrity that reflects the character of an indigenous people whose respect of tradition, the environment and of each other is legendary.

Telford says, “Ecotourism Magazine's all about you, nature, culture, sharing and learning”.

Ecotourism Magazine Canada is the result of more than two years of research and is the only magazine in Canada exclusively dedicated to being the voice of ecotourism operators and associate stakeholders in this field.

Telford adds, “A major feature of the magazine is an ongoing research questionnaire that is used to compile current and important operational information on the make-up and functions of the ecotourism industry in Canada. The results of this ongoing research effort will be shared by the industry in the interest of creating awareness and inspiring and educating all the various stakeholders.”

Ecotourism Magazine Canada is sent by mail to not only the Canadian tourism operators providing the ecotourism experiences and products but also to a large contingent of the travel trade, travel media, governments, associations, suppliers and DMO's who influence travel both domestically and internationally. The magazine is published quarterly and is available on a subscription basis.

Additional information can be found at the Ecotourism Magazine Website or by calling Vern Telford 705-794-9848

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