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Ecotourism does not often come to mind when couples begin to plan their romantic vacation plans. While this is often the case it really does not take a dramatic change in people’s plans to convert their vacation plans to a green vacation. Costa Rica, Fiji, Belize and Antarctica top the list for romantic exotic eco-vacations. Generally speaking Antarctica does not automatically come to mind when planning a romantic getaway for two. However because of its isolated locale it will not disappoint in terms of uniqueness. Stunning topography will leave you breathless as you explore what makes Antarctica a one of a kind eco-destination.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica tops the list in terms of romantic opportunities for couples planning a romantic eco-getaway. Costa Rica is very proud of the fact that visitors in the thousands arrive daily to observe and interact with the almost unending variety in terms of flora and fauna in this one of a kind tropical gem.  In terms of protecting its natural habitats, Costa Rica is unmatched in the world. In fact Costa Rica is rated number one in this respect. To elaborate further, the methods and guidelines that Costa Rica has initiated guarantees better accessibility to these eco-habitats and natural preserves than any other country found in this region. Costa Rica is well known for its abundance of avian species and in fact boasts far more species of birds than the United States. Butterflies are a popular attraction in terms of eco-tours and Costa Rica does not disappoint in terms of species present in this tropical paradise. Costa Rica  although small in size supports a greater variety of Butterflies than the continent of Africa. Typically the most used method of transportation to Costa Rica is by jet airplane. These aircraft create a rather large carbon footprint when arriving from international destinations and when departing from Costa Rica. By making the effort and acquiring carbon credits from a company such as Fly Neutral you will  be able to minimize you and your guest’s carbon footprint.. It will not be difficult for you and your guest to experience a variety of once in a lifetime memories in Costa Rica. It may be small in size but Costa Rica boasts more than 20 national parks, 58 wildlife refuges, 32 protected zones, 15 wetland areas or mangroves, 11 forest reserves, 8 biological reserves, as well as 12 other conservation regions. 


As Ecotourism grows in popularity many couples are discovering what is actually available in terms of romantic ecotourism getaways By doing a little bit of legwork couples will be able to discover one of a kind romantic getaways with unique  opportunities to discover ways to participate in local conservation projects, help to protect endangered species and contribute to the betterment of local cultures and customs, all while enjoying quality time together.  Because of Ecotourism’s unique nature, it requires a more holistic way of thinking  when it comes to travelling. All eco-tourists must find ways to enjoy their vacations as well as find balanced ways to learn, respect and benefit not only the  local environment but also the local community’s culture.

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