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The year was 1972 and Richard Evanson found himself on a deserted island in Fiji that was in great need of improving. By 1980 he had transformed this barren island into something quite different. Not only is Turtle Island a vacationer's paradise it is also widely known as a leader in sustainable tourism. Mr. Evanson has created many eco-programs designed to enhance and improve life for the people that make Turtle Island and surrounding areas their home. Several local villages are able to take advantage of a secondary school built on the island. He has also established  medical and dental clinics to treat local villagers. Some of the eco-programs he has established on Turtle Island include:

More than 500,000 trees have been planted over 30 years, developing lush forest land

Preservation of mangroves and coconut groves

Introduction of freshwater ponds to encourage bird life

Turtle Release program, which is designed to help save the threatened Green and Hawksbill turtles

Hydroponic and organic vegetable garden to supply fresh produce for guests and staff year around

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